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Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.  Our skin tends to look older with the passage of time and effects of the environment. The signs of photoaging and sun damage are typically seen on a person’s face and body. IPL gives dramatic improvement with very low risk and hardly any “down time”.
Many conventional treatments address usually one condition at a time and may have a prolonged recovery time, pain and potential side effects. Photo-rejuvenation with intense pulsed light is non invasive ( no disruption of of skin’s surface) can treat a wide range of skin concerns such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age spots ( sun damaged freckles), mottled pigment and poikiloderma.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Intense Pulsed Light?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) corrects a variety of skin conditions such as broken blood vessels, pigmented spots or age spots. It is safe non invasive which is tailored to your skin needs and type of skin and provides superior results. A bright light of multiple wave lengths is used to treat the damage that has been done to your skin.

How is Photo-Facial performed?

When you come for a Photo-Facial treatment a brief history is taken including any medications you may be taking and any allergies you may have. Informed consent is taken, and a pre treatment photograph is taken. Your eyes are protected from the bright light as the light may be uncomfortable. Your skin is cleaned with alcohol. A Cool gel is applied to your face. The smooth glass surface which has been cooled is applied to your skin in a linear fashion with some overlap. You may feel a mild stinging or a rubber band snapping sensation. In some cases topical anesthetic can be applied about thirty minutes prior to treatment but is usually not needed due to the cooled tip of the IPL handpiece.

How many Intense Pulsed Light treatments are needed?

Three to five treatments may be needed about four to five weeks apart depending on the severity of the patients problems. There is no downtime. You can return to work that day and resume your daily activities. The procedure gives a gradual improvement in your skin.

How do other treatmentts compare to IPL?

Different lasers can be used to treat different conditions such as broken blood vessels and pigment, but IPL treats all these conditions at the same time giving long lasting improvement in your skin condition. It improves the texture as well as complexion of the skin.

What does IPL treat?

IPL technology is employed in the treatment of medical disorders of the skin such as:

  • Reduce Wrinkles.
  • Sun damage induced dyspigmentation and vascular changes.
  • Poikiloderma of Civette
  • Acne Rosacea.
  • Broken capillaries/ telangiectases
  • Pigmented lesions (freckles, liver spots, birth marks)

What should I avoid after IPL

You should avoid the sun for seventy two hours after an IPL treatment. Put sun block at least SPF 35 or above even when you are indoors and it is sunny outside.


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