AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Microchanneling Super Facial

What is AquaGold Fine Touch or AquaGold Facial?

AquaGold fine touch is a form of micro needling that uses gold plated needles. Like other forms of micro needling, AquaGold fine touch’s needles penetrate the upper layers of skin to create microchannels. The AquaGolds’ needles penetrate to 0.6 mm. The micro-channels allow for the delivery of skin modifying agents directly into the deeper layers of skin, where sun damage and aging occur.

How is AquaGold different from Microneedling?

In terms of mechanisms of action, AquaGold is identical to micro needling. Both create channels to deliver ingredients directly to the treatment area. In Micro-needling one has to put the solution on the skin and then create holes to deliver the ingredients into the skin, In AquaGold a collection of very fine needles are used to deliver ingredients into the treatment area, just beneath the skin, while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production. The treatment is a minimally invasive delivery system for dermal fillers such as Juvederm, wrinkle relaxers like Botox or Dysport and other skin nourishing ingredients.

Why Choose AquaGold Fine Touch?

For mild skin imperfections such as fine lines and acne scars, AquaGold Fine Touch delivers a smaller amount of active ingredients to the areas using fine gold plated stainless steel needles. This provides natural-looking rejuvenation for minor skin imperfections and the early signs of aging while protecting against additional skin irritation. AquaGold delivers treatment uses consistent depth over a large surface area that a syringe cannot provide.

What to expect from your AquaGold Fine Touch Consultation!

The goal of your initial consultation is to determine what treatments are best to help you reach your skin care goals. During the consultation you will be evaluated for the type of products that will help you best reach your goals and if AquaGold is the appropriate delivery system for these products. We will examine your skin, discuss your goals and go over your medical history to determine which treatment is best for you.

The AquaGold Fine Touch Procedure!

If the AquaGold delivery system is the best way to help you reach your skin care and anti-aging goals. we will clean your skin, remove all makeup and the AquaGold Fine Touch applicator will be used to deliver the key ingredients to your skin using very fine needles on the vial. When the applicator is pressed to the treatment area, the vail releases the solution through the needles, directly into the microchannels created in your skin. The method is repeated until the whole area is treated.

The AquaGold Results and Follow-up Treatments!

Your results may vary based on your skin care goals and the type of products used. Before your first procedure, we can give you an estimate on how long it will take for you to see results and how many treatments you will need to achieve your desired results. We recommend scheduling a follow-up treatment of evaluation before you leave the office.

How does AquaGold Work?

Using a Vial containing the product that is best for you the AquaGold delivery method for skin care and anti-aging treatments injects ingredients in shallow, consistent depths over a large surface area. Twenty needles at the tip of the applicator, finer than a human hair, only 0.6 mm long and .13 mm wide create microchannels in your skin when the applicator is applied to the skin, micro-channels created directly deliver ingredients into the skin.

Is AquaGold Safe?

AquaGold is FDA-registered direct dermal application device. The AquaGold Fine Touch delivery system is safe for most patients. The gold plated surgical grade stainless steel needles reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. It is a single-use system and comes in a sterilized package.

Who can Get AquaGold Treatments?

If you have minor skin imperfections and very fine lines over a wide treatment area, AquaGold Fine Touch may be right for you.

Who Shouldn’t get AquaGold?

Most patients can safely receive treatments via this delivery system, however, if you have a bleeding disorder, take blood thinning medications, or have keloid scars, AquaGold, and similar treatments may not be right for you.

What area can be treated with AquaGold?

The procedure is most often done on the face, but it can be done on the neck, décolleté, hands and other areas.

Is the treatment painful? Will anesthesia be used?

AquaGold is a pain-free treatment. Topical anesthesia is not necessary. You will be periodically asked about your comfort during the treatment. If you do experience any pain or discomfort please let us know and we will adjust to ensure you are comfortable.

What are the Potential side effects?

Side effects related to the treatment are minimal, however, you may experience mild side effects related to the solution delivered by microchannels. Different skin care solutions that can be placed into the vial vary and have different potential side effects, most of which subside within a few days.






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